Transmission Service & Clutch Replacement in Memphis

Transmission Service & Clutch Replacement

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Get Transmission and Clutch Replacement in Memphis, TN

The clutch and transmission are two of the most essential parts of your car's powertrain. The clutch and transmission work together to allow your vehicle to accelerate. When your vehicle experiences issues with its clutch and transmission, it can drastically affect its performance. When you need service for your vehicle's clutch and transmission, you should stop by the Service Center at Jim Keras Nissan. At our Memphis dealership, located just 18 minutes from Cordova, you can get exceptional service for your vehicle's clutch and transmission, so your car can maintain optimal performance.

Why the Clutch and Transmission are So Important

The clutch and transmission are both essential for keeping your vehicle moving. The transmission is a mechanism that transmits energy from the engine to your vehicle's wheels. The clutch is a device that engages and disengages power transfer between the transmission and engine. Keeping the clutch and transmission in great condition is essential for maintaining a smooth driving experience.

Signs That Your Vehicle Might Have Clutch or Transmission Issues

Signs that your clutch is wearing down include:

  • The clutch slips when you accelerate
  • In manual vehicles, the clutch pedal feels too soft when pressed
  • In manual vehicles, the clutch pedal starts to move higher up than its original resting position
  • The clutch makes noise when you change speeds
Signs that your transmission has issues include:
  • Hard shifts when changing gears
  • Slow shifts when changing gears
  • Whining and humming sounds
  • Grinding, rattling, or clunking sounds
If you experience any of these signs with your vehicle, you should bring it to Jim Keras Nissan, so our expert technicians can find the source of the issue and repair it.

Why You Should Choose Jim Keras Nissan for Transmission and Clutch Replacement

If you drive a Nissan in Olive Branch, TN, then the Service Center at Jim Keras Nissan is the right place for you to get a clutch or transmission repair. Our Service Center's expert technicians understand Nissan transmission and clutch issues deeply. It's crucial to service your vehicle's clutch and transmission as quickly as possible if any problems arise. When you bring your vehicle in for service at Jim Keras Nissan, you can get service tailored to the needs of your Nissan vehicles, from technicians with experience and expertise to give you peace of mind that your car is in good hands.

Schedule Service Online

If your vehicle has been having issues with its clutch or transmission, you can schedule service from the comfort of your Lakeland home. Just go to our website and click on the "Schedule Service" link under the Service & Parts tab. From there, you can enter your vehicle's make, model, and year. Then enter further identifying information (such as its transmission type, trim level, and mileage). From there you can pick the services you need. Then you can let us know if you need transport home from our dealership while we work on your vehicle.

Get Service for Your Clutch and Transmission at Jim Keras Nissan

At Jim Keras Nissan, we aim to provide exceptional service for Nissan owners in and around Memphis. Not only can you get a great deal on a new or certified pre-owned Nissan vehicle, you can also get exceptional service for that vehicle for as long as your drive it. We want to be your one-stop shop for all your Nissan vehicle needs, including parts and service. If you need service for your vehicle's clutch or transmission, then don't wait any longer: be sure to contact Jim Keras Nissan today!