Nissan Wheel Alignment Service in Memphis, TN

Nissan Wheel Alignment Services in Memphis, TN

At Jim Keras Nissan in Memphis, we understand that road conditions can be a nightmare! Potholes and rough roads can cause your vehicle's alignment to quickly get out of spec, causing many issues with your vehicle's safety and performance. Our Nissan certified technicians are here to help! 

Nissan Tire Rotation Services at Jim Keras Nissan

At Jim Keras Nissan in Memphis, TN, we ensure good service for our customers. We also offer auto parts at an affordable price. Our dealership also deals in new and used inventory. Additionally, if you need to service your vehicle, feel free to pass by our dealership.

We also offer Nissan tire rotation services.

Most people ignore the rotation of tires, which is a service that should be done frequently, mostly after 7,500 miles coverage. However, it also depends on various factors: the type of tires, your driving habits, and road conditions. Our dealership provides a manual that helps you to learn more about the rotation of Nissan tires.

The tires wear out differently depending on the type of drive system you choose. With the front-wheel-drive system, the front tires wear out faster, but the rear-wheel-drive, the back tires wear out rapidly.

A Few Things to Note on The Rotation of Tires

Your specific driving conditions contribute to the adjustment of tire rotations. For example, when you drive more in rugged areas like in Collierville and Southaven, you should consider carrying out the rotation more often.

The driving habits you pose also affect the rotation. You can customize the tires in a manner that suits your driving habits.

The manual we offer at our dealership indicates the number of miles you should cover before carrying out the rotation.

Why Rotate Your Tires?

There are several benefits to why you should rotate the tire of your Nissan model. They are extended tire life, reduced road noise, less stress on the drivetrain, superb traction for cornering, and slippery roads. Rotation of your Nissan tires helps improve driving conditions. The wear of the tires is spread evenly across all tires.

You should utilize different patterns when rotating your tires, such as Rearward cross, X-pattern, and Forward cross.

For the front-wheel drive, the proper ways to rotate your tires include moving the front tires to the back in the same positions, unlike when moving the back tires to the front, where you must switch the tires (forward cross). The same happens to the rear-wheel-drive but uses the rearward pattern.

We use the side-to-side pattern for the high-performance and directional tires, where the tires are switched on the same axle.

The original tires have built-in indicators that detect wear indicators on the tires, suggesting replacing or rotating the tires.

Below are some of the precautions we take during and after the rotation of your vehicle's tires. They are:

  • When we are done rotating your tires, we always check and adjust each tire pressure.
  • We ensure the nuts of the wheels are properly tightened by driving with one of our experts using the vehicle for a few miles, just in case of any arising problems.
  • During rotation of the tires, we make sure we include the spare tire. Keep in mind that improper servicing of the spare may also result in serious personal injury. It will help if you service the spare tire. However, it shouldn't be more often since the spare tire is not used unless there is a problem with one of the tires. The timeline of checking the spare tire is usually after three years.

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Consider carrying out your Nissan tire rotation more frequently with us. We also offer further inspection of the tires during the rotation process by ensuring no further problems arise. The service section at Jim Keras Nissan in Memphis, TN is always ready to meet your needs. Our priority is to ensure our customers are satisfied.

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