Nissan Transmission and CVT Services in Memphis, TN

Nissan Transmission Services in Memphis, TN

At Jim Keras Nissan in Memphis, we have Nissan certified technicians with extensive training and experience inspecting, maintaining, and replacing Nissan transmissions. Our award winning Nissan dealership is ready to help with all of your transmission service needs in Bartlett. Experiencing transmission symptoms in Cordova? No problem, we are just a short drive away. Have a blown transmission in Germantown? We are just a call away. Don't rely on an independent repair facility for your Nissan transmission needs, let the experts at Jim Keras Nissan in Memphis fix it the right way. 

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Nissan Transmission Services offered at Jim Keras Nissan

  • Nissan Transmission Repair 
  • CVT Replacement
  • Nissan Transmission Flush 
  • Nissan Transmission Fluid Exchange
  • Nissan Transmission Warranty Repair 
  • Nissan CVT Service 
Nissan Transmission or CVT Fluid Exchange
CVTs (continuously variable transmissions) do not operate like your typical transmissions, and have special service requirements. Most CVTs have 60,000 to 90,000 mile intervals for service. This may seem like a long time to go with the same transmission fluid when driving around Bartlett. Every CVT model requires special fluid, some have special fluid fill procedures, and some are not even equipped with dipsticks and require a process of checking fluid temps and overfill to ensure it is correct. Confusing, yes, but CVT fluid exchanges need to be done properly to ensure correct operation. More information on recommended transmission fluid intervals can be found by looking up your Nissan's recommended maintenance schedule on our site or consulting your owner's manual. You can schedule your transmission fluid service through our online service scheduler.

Four wheel drive trucks and especially diesels have an entirely different set of fluid exchanges. Front and rear differentials and transfer cases require periodic fluid flushes to keep you heading to your hunting spot in east Arkansas or north Mississippi. Towing adds additional requirements and intervals for your transmission fluid to get that boat or camper to your cabin in Tipton county. Speak with our Service Advisors to determine what is right for your truck and your needs.

Nissan Transmission Flush
A full transmission flush requires more time, and a higher cost to complete. Rather than replacing just the fluid in the pan, a Nissan transmission flush removes and replaces all fluid in cooler lines and other parts of your transmission, often requiring about 10 quarts of transmission fluid. Our experienced service advisors and factory certified Nissan technicians can help you determine if you need a fluid change or a full transmission flush. 

Nissan CVT Replacement
While there are issues with your car that can mimic a CVT issue, if the time comes for a CVT replacement in the Memphis area, we are the only logical choice. Other local transmission shops purchase CVTs from Jim Keras Nissan, or from random aftermarket companies. Most CVT components are not serviceable, so a new transmission is normally recommended. Normally, the repair requires reprogramming of the TCM (transmission control module) to make the new CVT operate properly. Any CVT parts replaced by Jim Keras Nissan include a nationwide 1 year, 12,000 mile warranty at ANY Nissan dealer. Can your local Bartlett or Raleigh service shop help in the event of a problem? Maybe locally, but if your work wasn't done at a Nissan dealership, your warranty won't be honored out of town. Don't you want the peace of mind that Jim Keras Nissan provides with EVERY Nissan part and transmission being covered by warranty at Nissan dealers across the country? Nissan transmission replacements only make sense at a Nissan dealer. Car sitting at a transmission shop in Bartlett and they've called and given you bad news? Fill out the request form above to see if you qualify for special coverage, or to receive a quote. Our pricing is competitive, and often times lower than others in town. Not only that, we offer service financing through SUNBIT, where you can drive now and pay later.

Nissan Transmission Rebuilds or Replacements
Transmissions are one of the most complex components of a vehicle. Deciding whether to rebuild or replace a bad transmission can be difficult. Our factory certified Nissan technicians can help you determine if your better option is to replace or rebuild your Nissan transmission. During a transmission rebuild, Jim Keras Nissan near Bartlett will inspect each component to determine what needs to be repaired or replaced. This option can result in lower overall costs, but can require more time and is more difficult and may not by applicable to your vehicle.

A transmission replacement can be a much simpler process, however can be most costly in the short term. Rather than disassembling your Nissan transmission, this option includes our Master Nissan Technicians installing a fully assembled Nissan replacement transmission. A transmission replacement can result in less transmission repair needs over the long term, due to all components being replaced rather than just the failed components included in a rebuild. Our experienced Service Advisors are here to help you determine what option would be best for you.

Nissan Transmission Cost
The cost of a full Nissan transmission replacement could be over $3,500 depending on the model, however, transmission services such as fluid changes, transmission fluid flush, or transmission filter changes are significantly less expensive and help your Nissan transmission to last much longer. Schedule your Nissan transmission service at Jim Keras Nissan in Memphis today through our online service scheduling tool.

Warning Signs of a Transmission Problem
Common warning signs that your transmission may need a service are:
  • Transmission warning light on dash illuminated
  • Strange noises or grinding sounds when changing gears
  • Odd smells after driving could be a result of transmission fluid burning
  • Delayed or clunky gear shifts
  • Transmission fluid leaks
Is My Transmission Repair Covered Under Warranty?
If you are experiencing Nissan transmission issues, our experienced service advisors would be happy to check and see if your vehicle qualifies for any special coverage. Simply complete the form at the top of this page, including your Nissan's VIN and current mileage, and we will let you know what your options are. 
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