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Tire Rotations & Wheel Alignments

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Tire Rotations, Wheel Alignment, and More at Jim Keras Nissan

If it's one thing about vehicles no matter make or model, you should never ignore simple maintenance. Once a system or part is found addled, it may have a cascading effect on other systems. With this seeming process initiated, safety is severely degraded on Collierville roads. Never a good scenario.

At Jim Keras Nissan, we pride ourselves on a state-of-the-art service department located in the greater Southaven area. Here, we effectively service and maintain all vehicles. And with Nissan Pathfinder SUVs and Nissan Ultima sedans, a simple Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) look-up will apprise all involved of servicing dates and mileage milestones specific to your Nissan Frontier truck.

Though, below are some very important Nissan LEAF systems and operations essential for safe travel across the state line into Olive Branch, MS:

The Need of Tire Rotation

It's best practice to have tires rotated from well-to-well regularly. And when this procedure begins, our skilled, Jim Keras Nissan technicians also examine tire treads for unusual wear, objects lodged and sidewall creasing. This inspection may uncover hidden issues elsewhere.

What will be obvious upon a tread is bareness or wear confined to a certain margin or angle around the tread circumference. Such wear may compromise the integrity of the tire and may even worsen alignment, which most likely created such wear in the first place.

Jim Keras Nissan's Tire Inventory

At Jim Keras Nissan, should your Nissan Armada require new tires, we have a fully stocked tire inventory. So, there's never worry in ensuring proper tire health and vitality. Fuel economy will also be increased with constant monitoring of tires and their appropriate rotation.

Where rubber meets with road is an all-important juncture. Given their positioning, your Nissan Rogue tires will be the first to absorb road debris and pavement imperfections. Therefore, tire health is enhanced when tires are routinely rotated.

Importance of Wheel Alignment

A layperson may not comprehend the significance of proper wheel alignment and what affects this important vehicle function.

During winter, temperature fluctuations upon roads will widen pavement cracks or seams. Potholes will also increase in breadth and depth, much to the dismay of drivers when coming into firm contact in Memphis.

When your front tires absorb those pavement undulations, little-by-little alignment is thrown off beyond normal angle and tilt. As well, unpaved roads present their own challenges with alignment given tree roots, paths and stones. As one may imagine, your vehicle's front tires bear the brunt of all road blemishes and scars.

With such a beating, your steering will be affected to the point of pulling to left or right, naturally. It's at this moment your wheel alignment will need adjustment, done with specialized equipment. As soon as this is done, the safer your driving will be, especially during inclement weather.

Genuine Nissan Parts and Accessories at Jim Keras Nissan

As a local Memphis, TN, area Nissan headquarters, Jim Keras Nissan has built a solid reputation for its Genuine Nissan Parts and accessories stock. These Nissan Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts have been specifically designed for your new or used Nissan Titan. And during the installation process, Nissan OEM parts and accessories find their proper fit and purpose. Our used Nissan inventory is an example of Nissan parts successfully installed.

Given the importance of wheel alignment and steering systems, tire health and rotations, Genuine Nissan Parts offer the Nissan Maxima owner a worry-free, servicing experience. At Jim Keras Nissan, it's what we do along the Mighty Mississippi.

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