Nissan Oil Change FAQs

Nissan Oil Change: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Welcome to your best source for common questions about oil changes at Jim Keras Nissan in Memphis, TN. Before you drive across town or drive across Collierville and beyond, ensure your oil change is current, which will help keep your engine in good running order.


Your vehicle needs to receive regularly scheduled oil changes. This helps ensure safety, reduce the need for repairs, prevent breakdowns, and bolster fuel efficiency. It might be hard to imagine that an oil change can be so impactful to your vehicle's performance and safety. However, clean oil reduces friction and reduces wear by lubricating all moving engine parts. It also places a liquid seal between many sensitive engine parts, such as rings, gaskets, and cylinders, while also cooling heated engine parts.

Keeping your engine running well by changing your oil regularly near Southaven provides optimal fuel efficiency, ensures engine emissions are minimal, and extends your vehicle's lifespan. We recommend you use the oil change intervals suggested by your vehicle manufacturer for scheduling your oil changes. The following FAQs will help.

Oil Pouring.

Does motor oil expire?

Yes, though if stored unopened at 45 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit motor oil can remain stable for up to five years. However, it is recommended to be used within two years for best performance.

How can I tell if my motor oil is bad?

If your oil is old and needs changing, one of the first things you'll notice is the color. Fresh oil is usually transparent, and either a light brown or amber color. Old or dirty oil usually looks dark, opaque, and can be dark brown, rust, or black. The darker the oil, the dirtier it is.

Should I be concerned if my vehicle's dipstick shows black oil?

Yes. Black oil indicates a high level of dirt and low viscosity. It should be changed immediately.

How often should I change my oil?

Automakers generally recommend an oil change every 5,000 to 7,500 miles with some exceptions. Your vehicle owner's manual should specify the type of oil and frequency of change required.

Are there any risks with changing my own oil?

Yes. Even if you are careful and have all the proper tools, such as a car lift, any mistakes made during a do-it-yourself oil change can cost thousands of dollars. A professional at our dealership is trained and practiced at performing oil changes near Barlett, TN. It's safer to allow us to perform this regular maintenance.

What happens to an engine without oil?

Without fresh oil to clean the engine parts, the subsequent buildup of carbon and dirt is lethal to an engine and it can cause the entire engine block to overheat and seize. Once this happens, the engine is rarely repairable without the input of a significant outlay of cash. It's often easier to replace the engine or buy a new vehicle. This is an expense no vehicle owner wants or needs.

Why change my oil filter?

Changing your oil filter is essential to keep your oil as clean as possible in between oil changes near Olive Branch, MS. Follow your manufacturer's suggested schedule.

How long does it take to get my oil changed?

If you have scheduled ahead with us, we can usually change your oil quickly in about an hour.

How does the type of oil used affect my vehicle?

Synthetic blend or full synthetic oil can mean an extended interval between oil changes. If you have an older vehicle in Cordova, however, the 3,000-mile oil change traditionally suggested is for conventional oil. Check your manual and talk to our service department if you have questions about which type of oil to use.

How can I schedule an appointment for an oil change?

Give our service department a call or fill out our contact form and we'll follow up to schedule your appointment.

What if I just add more oil and not change the oil?

This is not recommended. Doing so does not clean your oil or engine and it results in dirt buildup. Additionally, it can put pressure on the entire engine if the oil reservoirs are overfull.

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