Nissan Brake Service in Memphis, TN

Nissan Brake Services in Memphis, TN

At Jim Keras Nissan in Memphis, we have Nissan certified technicians with extensive training and experience inspecting, maintaining, and replacing Nissan brake systems and components. Our award winning Nissan dealership is ready to help with all of your brake service needs in Bartlett. Need a Nissan brake inspection in Cordova? No problem, we are just a short drive away. Have squeaky brakes in Germantown? We are just a call away. Don't rely on an independent repair facility for your Nissan brake needs, let the experts at Jim Keras Nissan in Memphis fix it the right way. 
Nissan Brake Services offered at Jim Keras Nissan

  • Nissan Brake Inspections
  • Nissan Brake Fluid Flush
  • Nissan Brake Rotor Resurface
  • Nissan Brake Rotor Replacement
  • Nissan Brake Pad Replacement
  • Nissan Full Brake Job
What are the signs or symptoms of bad Nissan brake rotors or pads?
Your brakes are a crucial safety component of your Nissan vehicle. If a car will not go, that's a problem, but if it won't stop, that's a disaster! Jim Keras Nissan wants to ensure that your brakes are performing properly. Modern Nissan brake pads and rotors are like all brands, they have some inherent noise caused by the materials used in construction. Here are some warning signs that you may need to have your brakes checked immediately. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, schedule your brake service online with us immediately:
  • Scraping or metallic rubbing sounds when stopping
  • Shaky steering wheel or vibrations when braking
  • Any brake warning light illuminated on dash
  • More than a year or 12,000 miles since last brake inspection
  • Unusual brake pedal pressure
  • Increased stopping distance
  • Vehicle pulling one direction or the other when braking
Nissan Brake System Inspection
During the multi-point inspection process, any time we have the wheels off, we visually inspect the Nissan brake pads and rotors. This inspection typically includes a measurement of the Nissan brake pad thickness. The measurement looks at the amount of friction material left on the pad and is expressed in millimeters and a traditional "green, yellow, or red" color code. 2mm is the industry standard for minimum thickness for your brake pads, although a trip through Bartlett or heaving towing of your boat during a trip to Tipton county might inspire you to change your pads earlier. This is a visual inspection. If any symptoms like those listed above occur, please alert our experienced Service Advisors before write up so we can communicate this to our Nissan technicians and a test drive can be completed.

How long do Nissan brake pads and rotors last?
Nissan brake rotor life will depend on several factors, most importantly, where and how you drive. The harder you are on brakes, the quicker the wear will occur on your Nissan brake pads and rotors. This means not only how fast you drive around the Wolfchase area, but how quickly you use your brakes to stop in Cordova will impact the mileage that your Nissan brake components last. Spirited drivers will wear our Nissan brake pads and rotors faster than gentle drivers. New or young drivers often like the feel of the gas pedal, causing wear to the brakes at a faster rate.

Nissan Brake System Components: Brake Pads | Brake Calipers | Brake Rotors | Brake Fluid
Your Nissan brake pads and rotors do the work to stop our car, but other components are working to make that happen as well. The brake master cylinder and Antilock Braking System (ABS) actuator make the fluid pressure that makes things happen. From there, a series of tubes and lines move that pressure to the brake calipers (which you can see through the wheels of many cars). From there, a piston in the caliper pushes against the brae pad, and the friction material on the pad contacts the rotor surface to turn the kinetic energy of motion into heat energy and stop the car. Sound confusing? Let our experience Service Advisors and Nissan certified technicians take care of it for you, and stop worry free.

Brake fluid is where it all starts (to stop?). Brake fluid is a specialized fluid and should never have oil or any other fluid added to it. Brake fluid is hydroscopic, which means it attracts moisture from the atmosphere. The only thing Memphis has more of than traffic is humidity! Brake fluid should be changed when it turns to a darker color, and on the schedule that Nissan sets for your car (normally 15,000 to 30,000 miles). Keeping brake fluid flushed and changed keeps moisture out of all the components listed above, and reduces the chances of fluid boiling and failing during heavy braking.

Nissan Front Brake Pads and Rotor Replacement
Most models of Nissan brake rotors and pads can be replaced and/or resurfaced in just a couple of hours. We stock Nissan brake rotors and pads for most current models, and most even come in an added value line that brings the cost down to what is normally offered at aftermarket shops. Replacing your Nissan brake rotors and pads with factory parts CAN be cost effective and certainly makes more sense than worrying about the quality of the parts responsible for stopping the vehicle carrying you and your family. 

Nissan Brake Specials
Even though our Nissan brake rotors and pads are competitively priced with your local independent repair shops around Bartlett or Germantown, our factory parts quality keep you from having to wonder about the quality of your brake repair. We frequently offer additional discounts on brake services. Check our service specials page for current availability of Nissan brake service specials. Schedule your Nissan brake service online today, and STOP worrying about stopping.
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